Hi there, I'm Mauro Corbia

Welcome! You have arrived at the page where my two musical projects converge. "Six Leaves Left" is a fusion of Synthwave and various other music genres. The project is clearly inspired by the 80s and combines instrumental tracks with sung ones. The creative process has led to collaborations with Dimi Kaye, Fran Santocono and Akapalka. The album "Deleted File Recovery" was nominated as one of the best albums of 2020 by the online magazine synth.nu. Kristian Nairn, a well-known actor and DJ, included my song "Lost Frequencies" in one of his mixes. The project has accumulated around 200K streams on Spotify alone. On the other hand, "4partment" is an Ambient music project where I experiment and create music for relaxation, meditation, and focus

Six Leaves Left